Mini-Dahling Available in LED Title 24 Rated Title 20 Compliant


The Mini-Dahling pendant light from LBL Lighting is truly unique featuring a translucent glass cylindrical body that showcases thousands of embedded bubbles and soft frit accents. Warm Earth tones gradually transition from grey to opal making for a delightful ombre visual effect. With its warm color tones and well diffused light source the Mini-Dahling Pendant is ideal for a wide range of lighting applications including bedroom lighting, home office lighting and bathroom lighting. For additional customization the Mini-Dahling Pendant can be paired with a multi-port canopy creating a uniquely designed chandelier fashioned especially for your special space. Available lamping options include xenon, halogen and LED. All lamping options are fully-dimmable to create the desired ambiance in your special space.


Includes (1) 50 watt low-voltage GY6.35 base Xenon bi-pin lamp or 8 watt replaceable 500 lumen 80 CRI 3000K LED SORAA® module and 6' of field-cuttable suspension cable. For use with 24 volt transformer, add suffix '-24' to item number (LED lamp option is not compatible with 24 volt transformers).


  • Unique design featuring embedded bubbles and frit accents
  • Visually appealing featuring a unique ombre color transition
  • Complementary Dahling Wall sconce and Dahling Pendant also available from Tech Lighting
  • Ideal for bedroom lighting, dining room lighting and bathroom lighting
  • Fully dimmable LED lamping option creates the desired ambiance in your unique space
  • Protected by a 5-year warranty if LED lamping option is chosen. Protected by a 1-year warranty if non-LED lamping option is chosen

Any accessories or optical controls shown below are not included.

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